Take Away This Buzz That I Call You (isukatthisgame) wrote,
Take Away This Buzz That I Call You

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im so angry...haha it's great huh?

sometimes when i'm alone
i feel as though i get caught up in this little world of my own
i can't speak of the things that leave me blind sighted with love
only hate makes its way through those million walls that i've built up

guess it's my fault
i let myself fall and pushed away all the hands willing to help me back up
those similar feelings of compassion and love
left to be throw away like those promises you force yourself to spit up
but i can't be brought down, not after the way you left me to crash and just burn
i guess we've all just have to learn
i'm not as weak as i once was and i'm not as naive in the ways of love

you make it so i see better
i see clear and true through those lies that you keep trying to feed through
i'm sick and i'm tired of thinking of you
and your blame that was placed on me
but what you need is a mirror to see the real culprit.

I guess its true what they say
that you can't bring a go day without thinking of tomorrow
so i take my deep breaths and another quick step
as I walk away from this wreckage you've left
but really its ok because i've seen the true meanings
you can't learn something without a good beating

so let me pick up my heart, maybe dust it all off
and you can find your way back from this horrible loss
please don't turn back, just let me start to rebuild
I always like it better, now that I'm alone
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