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Take Away This Buzz That I Call You

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our drunken encounters

its getting harder to say
that today's the day
that you're essence left on me is just going to go away
i've tired to fight
and it seems that i can't win
something left inside me keeping me living with this evil sin

a phantom kiss on sinning lips
is all thats left of you
i'm left bruised and beaten after reading from your scripts
something i've tried to fight my way through

that you can still get to me
its been long enough for me to think its effect has worn down
rubbed off
sadly it seems i'm still as weak as i once was
thinking i have a reasoning to believe in that bullshit called love

broken promises leaving slurred lips
alcohol tainted tongues brush the sweet essence of what's left of me
kiss it away so i can finally be free
i no long need this burden weighing down on me
kiss it away so i can finally be free.

i write better when it's 330 in the morning and i'm angst ridden.
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